The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - An Outstanding Success!

3 shows, Nearly 800 audience members, 12 Munchkins, 9 Monkeys, 4 Winkies,  4 Field Mouses (yes Mouses,  not Mice… You had to be there) 2 casts and 3 very tired Drama teachers…

The numbers can only tell part of the story, so here are some pupils to fill in the gaps in between, firstly Katy Jebson (Glinda, The Good Witch) who has been in a number of school shows…


I’ve been in several BGS drama productions and the one thing that I love the most is the amazing bond between the cast members. During the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I made so many new friends in both older and younger years, who really made the rehearsal process wonderful.  The way in which students of all ages come together along with the devoted Drama teachers is what truly makes us able to put on such spectacular performances. This year, I was thrilled to be cast as Glinda, The Good Witch as this was the biggest role I had had in a whole school production and, once again, I had a great time being a part of a BGS Play. I hope the audience enjoyed the production as much as we did, I look forward to many more years of Drama at Bexley Grammar.

Katy Jebson, Year 10


And conversely Amelie, who was in her first school production and portrayed a flying monkey and as an emerald citizen.


Taking part in the Wizard of Oz was such a fun, interactive and all-round amazing experience! The Christmas production this year was my first production and it’s fair to say that it definitely won’t be my last (they’ll never be able to get rid of me now!). I played the part of a flying monkey; not only were we onstage a lot and got to ‘monkey’ around, it was generally just really fun! I got to know so many nice people, spend time with my friends, learn new skills and have a laugh with the teachers. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has definitely boosted my confidence and it was so enjoyable! Therefore, from my great experience, I would definitely

encourage all years to have a go at future Drama Productions!

Amelie Kensington, Year 8


I really hope the audience was able to see the love and passion that the cast had for the show when they watched it. When watching a play, I think there is an extra gloss to
seeing a play done by young people - you not only get to enjoy the material in the play and their performances, but there is an energy that comes from the pure love of what they are doing that is lost when watching adults perform. The cast was
brimming with energy… Which was sometimes not as helpful as you might imagine.

There was a huge amount of hard work put into this show by the pupils, and it

certainly was not fun all the way, but I hope they all leave with a great sense of achievement; this was a very difficult show to stage and realise, but every pupil in it was fully in character and fully committed to the making the best show they could. Even when the set fell apart and the curtains wouldn’t open/close they did not come out of character and I think that is a real tribute to their quality. It is a privilege to work with such talented pupils…

Finally away from the stage, the band were amazing and added such gloss and glamour to the evenings, the tech team were extremely professional (we have been training up new pupils to take over from the departing Sixth Form, so we can all look forward to the exciting new era of Lighting and Sound at BGS).

See you all in April for The Taming of The Shrew, the Junior Production, where you can see the amazing future Performing Arts has at BGS!​

Mr Otley, Head of Drama & Theatre Studies



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