Bar Mock Trial Competition 2016

On 26th November 2016, a group of 14 Sixth Formers travelled to the Inner London Crown Court, to be pitted against other London schools in two law trials: one of witness intimidation and the other of assault. For the second time, Bexley Grammar School participated in the Citizenship Foundation’s Bar Mock Trial.  Jack Dalton, Sam Sherr, Cathryn Harding, Alex Sutcliffe, Noah Robinson and I all acted as prosecution and defence barristers, which was a great learning experience for us, as the trials were judged by professional judges who were kind enough to help out on a Saturday.  Sam Co, Swechha Kansakar, Laura Castel-Hallier, Georgina Leeson, Suzanne Nasery, Tiann Odogwu remained calm under the pressure of their role as witnesses. And finally, Kristine Tran and Jess Kelleher worked diligently as the court officials.

We would also like to thank John Robb, a practising barrister, for taking the time to guide us on three occasions with preparation for the trials and also lending us his personal wig and gown! He was on hand to provide support and was definitely a big help on the day.

Even though we didn’t get to the final of the competition and technically only won one case, it was said that “unofficially” we managed to win all three, thanks to the different judges ruling in our favour! If any aspiring lawyers still want to join the Bexley Grammar School Law Society, please contact Ms Stoddard.

Abisola Bishi, Year 12 

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