School Fund

The Bexley Grammar School Fund is a resource used to widen the range of learning opportunities offered to the students. One of the aspects of school life that makes Bexley Grammar School unique is our House system by which students are involved in sports, drama, dance, swimming, gardening and other activities which develop them as individuals and help to build a sense of community. These are all made possible by the generous contributions of parents to the School Fund. We ask for £20 per family per year and offer a substantial discount of seven years of voluntary contributions for less than the price of five if it’s paid as a lump sum in Year seven.

In addition to the House System, the school fund pays for planners to help the students organise their work, pays for outstanding students to receive prizes at Speech Day and covers the costs of some school visits. This year we have been able to provide 5 new rowing machines to enhance the fitness suite and several new banks of lockers.

Without the School Fund, Bexley Grammar School would be a different place – it would still offer an outstanding academic education but many of the additional activities that make it such a vibrant and exciting place in which to learn would have to be cut. If you haven’t yet contributed this year (or would like to do so again) you’re not too late. Cheques should be made payable to Bexley Grammar School Fund and should be directed to the finance office at school.

Thank you.