Old Bexleians

Past staff, pupils and governors of BGS - keep in contact with each other and the school on the Old Bexleians' (OBA) website: The OBA website is currently unavailable due to necessary maintenance. We hope to have this sorted in the near future.

Please continue to check the School’s website for all upcoming events for opportunities to visit the School and see what the current student body is achieving and perhaps catch up with a few faces from the past too.

Back in September 2016 we organised a Dinner at the Clarendon Hotel Blackheath. It's hoped we will be booking another for a similar time this year and we welcome any Old Bexleians who would like to join us. Full details will be available later. It's never too early to advise the Secretary (snelling_j@bexleygs.co.uk) that you may be interested in this year's dinner.

Please keep in contact:https://www.oldbexleians.com/