The Rewards


The demands of Sixth Form life are often under-estimated by those starting Year 12; a student needs to become independent and responsible for his/her own learning from the very first day. In addition to the heavy workload generated by the courses themselves, students have numerous opportunities to do physical education activities, community service, work experience and a range of personal development programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, Sports Leadership and Language Leadership. Add into this mix the leadership opportunities through which the running of the rest of the school is so enriched – Head and Deputy Prefects, House Prefects, Subject Prefects, Peer Mentors, support for all manner of extracurricular activities – and you have very busy, confident, committed students.

As in all areas of life, you only get out what you put in. Our most successful students are our busiest! They immerse themselves in the life of the school and are in large part responsible for the very special atmosphere and ‘buzz’ that anyone who comes in contact with the school senses almost immediately.

With this commitment comes responsibility. Whilst occasionally students realise they may have put their fingers into too many pies and might withdraw gracefully from an extra-curricular commitment, they cannot responsibly do so for their studies. They make a two-year commitment to their studies and should consider very carefully how they commit their time outside school hours. They should not undertake part-time employment which will have an adverse effect on the richness and success that characterise ‘busy’ students. Similarly, they should avoid appointments and holidays in school time. With commitment comes academic success and the promotion of independent, life long learning.

These pages can only provide a starting point for your own research. All staff in the school are happy to give advice. In particular, you should consider the following people in seeking the information you need to make these important choices:

  • Form Tutors and Subject Teachers
  • Heads of Department
  • Careers and Higher Education Advisor (Mrs Caley-Gardiner)
  • Director of Studies, Year 11 – Mrs Boulden (Miss Skinner)
  • IB Co-ordinator – Mr Brown
  • Directory of Learning, KS5 - Ms Stoddard
  • Head of Year 12/13 - Mr Auckland/Miss Leffen
  • Assistant Head of KS5  – Mr Morris
  • Deputy Head (Curriculum) – Mr Morgan