Careers Department

Bexley Grammar School employs its own Careers and Higher Education Adviser, in addition to providing access to independent and impartial advice from Prospects.

The Careers department offers support to students in all areas relating to choices, careers, work experience and university applications, including interview preparation. Students can make appointments for careers interviews with the school's Careers and HE Adviser or with the visiting Careers Adviser from Prospects or they can come to the careers department at breaks or lunchtimes for information and advice.

Careers education is incorporated within the PSHCE curriculum, and is designed to develop students' decision making skills and self-awareness, and their ability to research opportunities available to them, in order to prepare each individual for the choices and transitions they will face throughout their education and working life. Visiting speakers from a variety of career areas contribute to the careers day which takes place each year and includes a careers fair for Year 12 and Year 10.

Higher Education

The majority of Bexley Grammar School students go on to higher education.  Students are given extensive guidance and support in choosing their pathways, including one to one impartial advice and guidance from the school’s own Careers and Higher Education Adviser, as well as input from the highly experienced team of tutors and the 6th form leadership. 

A range of activities is provided to support students’ aspirations and assist them both in making well-informed decisions about their future direction and gaining admission to institutions appropriate to their abilities.  Students from Year 9 upwards are introduced to different aspects of Higher Education through events including university visits, taster days, short courses and Summer schools.  Those aiming at the most selective university courses, including Oxford, Cambridge and medical schools, are supported through weekly meetings and discussion groups, guest lectures by academics, admissions test and interview preparation, and dedicated all day sessions each term.  The school also runs an annual information evening about applying to competitive courses and hosts the Borough’s annual Top Universities conference.

Work Experience

All students undertake a one week work experience placement during the Autumn term of Year 11. The timing of work experience has been chosen to maximise the benefits to students, coinciding with when they are making decisions about post-16 options.

Students are encouraged to find their own placements, with support from the careers department. In order to ensure students' safety on work experience, the school works in conjunction with Bromley Education Business Partnership, who check that appropriate insurance and health and safety arrangements are in place. It is therefore essential that the school is provided with details of all placements well in advance, using an 'own find' form.

Careers Resources

The careers library contains a wide range of books, leaflets and magazines about careers and Further and Higher Education, and students also have access to the careers software, such as Higher Ideas (for university research) and Fast Tomato:  Several questionnaires enable Fast Tomato to generate ideas of possible jobs or further study which might be of interest. The 'powersearch' facility provides information about Further and Higher Education and different careers, divided into groups according to general career area. Fast Tomato also provides BGS students with tailored information about the GCSE and Sixth Form options available to them within the school. The National Careers Service website offers reliable information about different job roles, as well as CV advice and information about different courses, and a good starting point for finding out about university courses is:

The careers 'room' on Fronter gives students access to further information about careers, university applications, work experience placements and vacancies.  Numerous events related to careers and higher education are also advertised there, giving all students the opportunity to sign up for events that are of interest to them.                                                                                                       

Student destinations

For information about student destinations please go to Sixth Form – Careers, Higher Education and Destinations.